Benefits of a Trademark Brand Registration

Walsh jason
Oct 25, 2019 · 2 min read

A trademark is a symbol representation, device, name, word or combinations that are used or are intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods and services of a seller or distributor from those of other providers or distributors while at the same time indicating the source of the said goods and services provided or offered. It is basically the business name or the selling company logo that makes the business appealing to the customers of the company. It is reasonable to have a unique and memorable name or emblem that the customers can quickly and confidently identify their preferred business person among all the numerous competitors.

Trademark registration is the proper and more inclusive procedure of protection for a brand name in a way that it cannot be copied by any other person or interested party in any legal means. This process protects the rights of brand owners in a way that, in case their brands are copied, then through the set uprights under the intellectual property act, the owners of the trademark can recover the gross profit earned with the name their registered trademark. It is therefore much advisable that before registering a brand, the people involved should do the necessary researches and precisely conduct the study to ensure that the trademark name they intend to use is not or has never been used or that the name has not been used to register any other trademark like there’s. Below are some of the seriously common benefits of registering a trademark, logo, or business name before commencing with the operations of the business.

The first benefit of trademark registration is exclusive identification. A trademark registration enables the consumer and the audience of the company’s services to identify themselves uniquely with the products and services provided with the company or business, thus building a high image for the industry in the market place. This is because the trademark becomes the face of the company by which the company’s products are known and recognized with. This gives the company the right to being the only owner of the symbol, logo, or name that any other trader can not misuse it. Read more about brand registration for amazon.

Secondly, registering a trademark for a business also promotes legal protection. Once a company is registered to a specific business name or logo, the process delivers individual legal protection to the proprietor such that the owner has the power or authority to sue legally any third party who attempts to infringe the existing trademark. With this kind of power, in case one is found using a different company’s brand, then the company has the right to claim an infringement case under certain conditions. Learn more from us at

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