A focus on Experience and Goal

I’ve been reading about Design Thinking over the past few days. I’m just scratching the surface but already there have been a couple of insights that I’ve had which I thought were worth sharing.

A lot of the entrepreneurship courses start by identifying a customer segment and articulating the problem or value proposition that customer segment faces.

Design thinking has a slightly different lens. Designers also start with a customer segment but then they focus on a goal a customer is trying to achieve and the experience the customer has as they try to achieve that goal.

I like thinking about experience. It’s one level higher than thinking about problems and it has the potential to include good and bad as opposed to a problem which generally is thought of as bad.

So instead of focusing on problems in learning mandarin — remembering vocabulary is hard, tones are impossible to remember, memorization of characters is tough etc… what would it be like if I instead focused on experience? What is the experience of learning Mandarin? Is it fun? Is it boring? Why? I’m not sure where this new lens will lead but it’s intriguing. I’ll play with it tomorrow.