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School shootings and the threat of ecological catastrophe. The political class and the business interests they serve have no interest in fixing the problems that psychologically torment and threaten the safety of your kids. The ruling class hates your children.

My sons comment made me wonder what the hell is wrong with American society that a five year old has worry about danger at school. Surely no one…

The most powerful politician in the most powerful country in the world stands accused of criminal corruption as his term in office comes to an end. His current political office grants him immunity from criminal prosecution but as soon as his term ends he will likely spend the rest of…

On Friday February 22nd, billionaire Richard Branson hosted a Venezuela Live Aid concert in the remote Colombian town of Cúcuta. Cúcuta, a medium sized city in north eastern Colombia, is 350 miles away from the capital of Bogota. It is a curious location for a billionaire philanthropist to be holding…

The American Left is emerging from hibernation. History suggests it will be brutally suppressed. The Left needs to win the presidency to survive.

The labor history of the United States is a brutal affair. The last 150 years have been a story of striking workers massacred by police and private security, surveillance by the FBI, and a government intent on stamping out any threat to Big Business.

It is naive to think that…

Howard Schultz wants to be president. His continued existence as a billionaire is tied up in Starbucks success in China. This should immediately disqualify his presidential run.

The temporary end of the government shutdown reveals a fundamental weakness in US capitalism that must be exploited by the American Left.

Trump folds

The reaction at Davos to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good sign for the 99%. The billionaires are worried and have no defence against a meaningful critique of their excessive wealth.

Davos — playground of the super wealthy (Reuters)

Running scared

Australia offers first world governments a template on how to brutally deal with the coming climate change refugee crisis. The bipartisan Australian policy of indefinite detention of asylum seekers in inhumane detention camps has caught the eye of right wing governments and political parties across the first world. The Australian…

My experience as an English speaking, white male immigrant in the United States has underlined the extent to which anti-immigrant sentiment in the US is driven by xenophobia.

Vice Media recently released the documentary Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis on HBO. As the title suggests the documentary tells the story of the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bailout of Wall St. This might seem like well trod territory given the success of The Big…

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