Social Media Secrets!

Capturing Attention in Social Media

Social media is all around us and we can’t help but become drawn to its inviting threads and creative pictures that capture our eyes at first glance. We can access social media from our phones, computers, smart TV’s and many other online accessible electronic devices. Studies have shown that not only does the average human attention span last 8 seconds per concept but also that the majority of people in the world are dominantly visual learners (McSpadden, 2015). This means you better have a very quick attention getting strategy to keep most of the world interested in what you’re trying to promote. There are 3 effective strategies in making sure that you don’t become the victim of the social media trash can!

Step 1: Appear Exciting

No one wants to look at a brand that has a boring question mark people see every day followed by a long dissertation of what your brand is about. Reading is not in most people’s bucket list as we have stated before, most of the world are visual learners. Make your brand look appealing and have a relatable phrase that everyone can connect to. All in all, it’s important to know your audience.

Step 2: Platform, Platform, Platform

It is very important that when you find what is relatable and easy to connect your audience with your brand that you actually find out where they are at. Surveys have shown that platforms like Instagram are more successful for promoting one’s message as opposed to platforms like Facebook (Sheares, 2015). The exposure alone is what catapults brand’s in front of the window most if not all users when on Instagram like platforms over Facebook like platforms.

Step 3: The Art of Design

Studies have shown that the brain processes images 60,000 times over the traditional text (Sheares, 2015). There is power in pictures and if that picture has a message that gets the receiver of information curious, they will repeat the attention over again and intentionally look at your brand.

Maintaining Social engagement in Social Media

Capturing your audience is only half the battle of the 8 second bull. Now it’s time to maintain that social relationship you have developed with your audience. This means you need to stay relevant, entertaining and creative with your new family of followers. If you promote and feed what they liked about your brand then they will promote and feed others to get the same experience from your brand. Making memories is essential in social media engagement. Here are 3 helpful Norms to put in your arsenal of practice as you build a lasting and growing relationship with all who follow and help promote your brand.

Norm number 1: Active Response

Let’s be real, most people that will follow your brand probably won’t tag you in a shout out unless it really had an impact on their life or it has benefits. However, when someone acknowledges your brand, acknowledge them back. This means you need to keep a close eye on your social media outlets so you don’t miss these opportunities. Studies have shown that a person’s name is really important to them (Drevets, 2014). If you call them out by name, it shows that you care and furthers the relationship.

Norm number 2: Stay Valuable

Find out as much as you can about your audiences demographic and see how you can post things that are relevant or helpful to them. This not only humanizes you beyond a social media handle but it will also make a personal impact on those that follow you or the brand. These connections will extend the relationship substantially.

Norm number 3: Do Family

Make all your followers and those you follow feel like family by doing things families normally do. Take the time to see if any of your followers are having a birthday soon and celebrate their life. Perhaps they shared a picture of a new addition to the home or maybe someone has passed on, show your sympathies. When people feel like they are personally valuable, they become a living extension of the brand.


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