Institutional Gratitude

From BCGDV’s Manhattan Beach Innovation Center, Walter Delph — Partner and Managing Director, and Vish Srivastava — Senior Product Manager, discuss DV’s commitment to promoting social good across our global brand and offices. This article is coming off a massively successful and inspiring social impact event in collaboration with Schools on Wheels. If you’d like to get involved and give back to your community, please contact them here.

Ask an economist, sociologist, or anthropologist and they’ll all agree: organizations are uniquely important agents for change and form a fundamental tenant of the human experience. At BCG Digital Ventures we have the privilege of working with friends and colleagues that recognize the power in this. Like so many others in the world, our organization amplifies the intent of its people, providing platforms to solve virtually any problem.

Create a cleaner and cheaper option for urban transportation? Enable hard-working home cleaners to grow their businesses? Make philanthropy more scalable, transparent, and efficient? Safely democratize patient data?

Bring it on!

However, the opportunity to work with bright minds on exciting problems comes with proportional responsibility. We must be clear-eyed about the fact that all of this is only possible, when assessed from a global perspective, due to an exceedingly rare set of societal and personal circumstances. Collectively and individually we are not just members of society — we are products of society, and therefore necessarily stewards of it.

This mindset can be summed up neatly into the idea of gratitude. Not the type of armchair gratitude in which a handful of cognoscenti simply write or talk. It’s the type that permeates all levels of an organization and results in real action — it’s institutional gratitude.

Here’s why we choose to put our gratitude into action:

Business Imperative

The youth of today will be the people we hire and partner with tomorrow. We want bright, diverse, and passionate individuals committed to building digital businesses in those roles. We must provide youth across socioeconomic strata with equal opportunities to learn and grow into them. Supporting people in generating greater wealth and disposable income is also a win-win. It grows the addressable market for products we build and increases access to cutting-edge products that improve quality of life.

Moral Imperative

The fate of our business is inextricably tied to society at large. Progress in policy, economic growth, gender equality, personal freedoms, and much more are tides that lift all boats. It would be narrow-minded and unprincipled to stand by as passive consumers and beneficiaries of global progress. We must play an active role in ushering in this progress not just because it directly and indirectly benefits us. Rather, we should take on this role because carrying our fair share in improving society is sincerely the right thing to do.

Institutional gratitude is a constant state and a persistent priority. It manifests in various ways, some event-based such as when we partnered with Schools on Wheels to renovate their digital learning center in Compton, and others more continuous such applying a fanatical focus on improving the lives of our users across the various ventures we build and invest in.

That’s how we think about our role in society. Do you and your organization prioritize institutional gratitude?

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