Starting the perfect way

I’ve been excited about this new personal project that just came to happen. It involves a RoR backend, and native mobile apps just like any other application nowadays.

I’ve been developing software for about a year and half now, and I know there's still a long way to go to know the path of the force so I’ve been trying to get all the pieces of advice from friends and colleagues about making the perfect network architecture, the perfect frameworks, the perfect way of getting things done, etc.

This has gotten me thinking about all the things that can actually go wrong. And this was exhausting.

I know that I can develop a good portion of the app itself, it may not be the best or perfect way but something that can have all my knowledge and effort of doing it the right way.

A couple of days ago, I realized that messing up is the fun part. Nothing is meant to start perfect. That’s how experience is made. Build, mess up, fix, learn, keep going and repeat.

There is no way of starting perfect, unless someone else (who has done what you want 10000 times) does the job for you and it still doesn't guarantee it.

So, make your best effort on doing what you know, the best way possible. Everything requires effort, love and time, specially things you care about.

Finally I'd like to share one of the sayings I've heard from my Dad a few times when things have not gone the way I wanted:

"Perfect is the enemy of the good"