Professional Growth 2016/17

Hi. My name is Trey House and I teach Middle School Latin.

A year ago, 10 faculty members volunteered to serve on a committee, led by our curriculum director, exploring and discussing ways to improve the professional development process at our school.

The ultimate goal of our group is to implement a coherent, approachable system that also creates meaningful, personalized lessons for teachers. In this second year of the program, we will be piloting our ideas and recommendations.

This will be a space for me to collect and share thoughts during the 16/17 school year. During this time, I will be working on developing an aspect of my teaching that I feel should be better. Our committee leader will be acting as facilitator and coach throughout this process.

Professional Learning Goals Template

Based on the Professional Learning Goals template, I’ve chosen the Classroom Environment section and, more specifically, “Implementing norms and routines for students.”

I believe that I simply do not do enough to help students interact in the most effective manner. I would relate my philosophy on this issue here, but I have realized that I don’t have one. I want an open, comfortable, class environment. But I often forget that my students (ages 11–14) are not necessarily equipped to build that without explicit boundaries from me.

Therefore, my goal during this term is to CREATE GUIDELINES to develop and encourage appropriate classroom routines.

My plan for this-

  • Discover (via our own PL Library) and learn various systems, philosophies, and ideas on classroom norms/routines
  • Test pilot these discoveries in class and examine feedback
  • Implement practices/strategies that fit student needs and are comfortable for me
  • Create portfolio of my work/growth this year

I’ll be posting here throughout the process with setbacks, successes, and thoughts.