Walter thank you so much for your response and for letting me know how this resonated.
Renée Fishman

Thanks, Renee!

It is such a coincidence that we are in the same place, and even experiencing the same feelings. Given that a big part of what you do is helping clients navigate the fear, I would have thought would make you better prepared. Yet, I now see that the change can be so wrenching that it affects us all … and deeply!!

Truly, it is a mix of fear and optimism. And “navigate” is such an apt word. In many ways I liken this to being at sea. There are rough waters and there are come waters, and it’s not always easy to know which is coming next!

I do appreciate your great advice. It has really been a support for me. And yes, it would be great to schedule a time to chat. I’ll be in touch about that via Messenger!

Meanwhile, thanks again for your great post and thoughtful follow up!

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