Walter O’ Brien for Success At 13

There is a small boy underneath the tough high-tech genius that we see on the exterior. Walter O’ Brien has had many experiences till date and being called a computer ‘supergenius’ is just one of them. We all know him as the man with the fourth-highest IQ level in the world. Some experts also say that once your IQ reaches 150 or goes above that, it becomes your disability rather than staying your ability. Walter O’Brien is the son of a Wexford farmer who has an IQ of 196. Irish by birth, this man is now the subject of a popular TV show called Scorpion. This prime-time TV drama is based on his life and achievements and is aired in the US. The show is about a few supergeniuses who solve crimes one after another.

Walter O’Brien, who is 39 now, was born and brought up near Clonroche and was the second child in a family of five members. According to his interviews we get to know that is in fact a very humble human being who always thought or rather knew that he was “weird.” This was all because of his mental ability. At the age of just 9 he got his hands on his first ever computer, an Amstrad, about which he claims to have learned everything in just 3 days. He says, “I didn’t sleep or eat for three days; I just took this computer apart.” Now that is a sign of true genius!

At the tender age of 13 his life took a rather dramatic turn. He was a happy go lucky and kind of a nerdy child who was more than glad to break into computer systems. Some of those systems belonged to very powerful institutions in the world. One day he arrived back from school and saw a team of officials waiting to arrest him. He had hacked into NASA but O’Brien without faltering took out of his bag an extradition waiver and said that if they signed it, he would explain and show them the gaps in NASA’s security. That was the day and there was no turning back for this master hacker!

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