You Can’t Be Racist Against White People
Jenée In The Closet

This reminds me of the “racial science” of the Third Reich, but instead of measuring head bumps and brow ridges, we have this asymmetrical abuse of the English language. Words no longer mean what they have meant for a century but only what the racial ideologues tell us they mean. The conceit that this constructs an didactic opression is never questioned. In reality, no group identified is free of the taint of prejudice. Racism is prejudice about race. The presence or absence of an imagined secret cult of supremacy is neither germane nor demonstrated. Sorry. It is just a bogus way for one group (blacks this time) to be oppressive in a portion of the society where they are not supreme in the whole. It would be better to start from basic truths: all peoples grasp for power where they can.

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