You did nothing today.

The feeling creeps into your eyelids and through your nostrils as you inhale disappointment. The sun sets. The stars return to the sky as a siren screams in the distance. It’s an ambulance, destination unknown. If only it were coming to heal your wounded ego.

As you lay down, you count backwards from ten. The shadows at the corners of your eyes smirk and chuckle while you grimace, a malcontent.

Nine. Your breaths are inconsistent. Frustration mounts as you struggle to regulate sighs.

Eight. The ceiling fan twists and there’s a dust bunny attached that won’t quite break free. It flails at the tip of the fan blade. The breeze skitters across your blankets.

Seven. A dog is barking. It echoes off neighborhood walls. A door opens and you hear a voice call to the dog : “Come inside, shut up.” The dog keeps barking but the sound is muffled after the door closes.

Six. The refrigerator clicks on. You think about the groceries you never bought, the lunch you didn’t pack.

Five. Your mind walks downstairs and opens the pantry, searching for a quick snack. In your mind’s eye, the bare shelves echo with chuckles.

Four. Maybe some water would help. You turn to the sink and see it’s still dripping. Another unfinished task. You hear the drips echo up the stairs, but each drip grows louder and larger until the sink is overflowing. The dirty dishes plugged the drain.

Three. A deluge is rolling from the sink, across the floor and enveloping your feet. You turn to find the stairs but they’re gone. The sun is in your eyes.

Two. Sand slips between your toes and you turn back to the sink to find a wave rising above you. You run to escape but the undertow pulls your ankles from beneath you.

One. The wave collapses on top of you. The water swirls around your ears, through your hair. Ocean currents lift you and carry you from the land. The sun shines through the waves as fish coast by.

Zero. As the water becomes deeper, the light wanes. You drift down, fading into obscurity. The depths greet you.