Well said. Being happy with what you’ve accomplished is the first step. Now stop worrying about if others see it as you do- their opinion is of little consequence. Being happy is the best revenge.

I had the good fortune of being introduced to the basecamp product while creating a (successful) Grant Application to further the science of my startup. Straightforward, user friendly, effective. THANK YOU.

Unlike the magic returns and low cost of a web based venture, my company is trying to save the world from itself by going toe to toe with the largest, most profitable, and world destroying industries in existence- Big Oil and Diesel engine manufacturers.

Count your blessings that you could achieve your goals of creating a viable and useful product, and building the company of people that make it work, and call basecamp “home”. You made your dent.

So the question I have for you is — What now? Sustainable gardening and lots of tropical vacations?

You’ve proven your ability to create a viable business, does it still need you?Are you up for an entirely different set of problem statements? A new venture? Do you think you need to be Bill Gates to make a difference? Do you want to make a difference?

What was your biggest barrier? Correct code and getting the word out so adoption could take place? Surviving on the shoestring budget? It builds character they say- and I would say it has. You are a winner. Are you willing to take another chance?

Envision another set of challenges layered on top of all you just discussed.

Did multinationals ever pay millions into a PAC to try and eliminate your business model?

Did the Koch brothers manipulate Congress to prevent your customers from using your product?

Did petro-politics ever turn the economics of your space upside down so your product no longer has a financial advantage over the status quo?

Did your competition have a 120 year head start?

Try and raise the $50 million needed to succeed in this space with that story…