Good Framework Rely on Good Api — — Six API Design principles

Jun 30, 2018 · 6 min read

API design principles

Easier to understand

Easier to find

Simple task have simple implementation

<InkCanvas x:Name="inkCanvas" />
// The code below is from
// Set supported inking device types.inkCanvas.InkPresenter.InputDeviceTypes =Windows.UI.Core.CoreInputDeviceTypes.Mouse |Windows.UI.Core.CoreInputDeviceTypes.Pen;
// Set initial ink stroke attributes.InkDrawingAttributes drawingAttributes = new InkDrawingAttributes();drawingAttributes.Color = Windows.UI.Colors.Black;drawingAttributes.IgnorePressure = false;drawingAttributes.FitToCurve = true;inkCanvas.InkPresenter.UpdateDefaultDrawingAttributes(drawingAttributes);

Easier to test and to be tested

Easier to keep compatibility even if upgrading frequently

Framework design



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Windows 10 App Developer

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