Here’s the Door to Unlimited Gastronomy

What is Gastronomy?

The word Gastronomy refers to the cooking of a particular area. The whole world has different types of gastronomy, some of the notable of which are Indian, French, Chinese and English. These are some of the major types of cuisine in the world which are admired by one and all. The type of food that is found in a particular place depends on a lot of factors which is why it is the reflection of the culture of a particular place. Chef Walter Martino is one of the most notable names in the world of gastronomy.

What is Indian cuisine?

Indian cuisine is one of the most important types of cuisine in the world. It is the popular food which is found in India, one of the largest countries of the world. The major variations of Indian cuisine are North Indian, South Indian, East Indian and West Indian. The Indian cuisine is mainly noted for the richness of spices. Some of the popular foods in Indian cuisine are Biriyani, Aloo paratha and Lassi. For knowing more about global cuisine, one must know about million dollar chef.

Who is Walter Martino?

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Some of the facts about Walter Martino are as follows:

● He is the million dollar chef.
● He has created the most expensive plate in the world.
● He is one of the most famous chefs of the world.

Walter Martino chef in Miami, is one of the most famous chefs of the world. He is known for creating the world’s costliest plate. Apart from this, he has many restaurants which are creating some of the best food of the planet. The people who will go to his restaurant can expect some great food and some great environment as well. There are many good chefs in the world but Walter Martino is a league apart. He is known for some unusual dishes which have made the whole world surprised.

Food is one of the basic necessities of the human life, but when food is taken to some other level, it becomes a work of art. That is what Walter Martino is doing on a regular basis as a chef. He does not only prepare food, he prepares works of art which is good for all the human senses. That is why he is considered as one of the very best. He is one of the world’s top chef and if you want to taste his food, you should visit one of his restaurants very soon.

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