Python and Other Cool Coding

This is the first article of this series about Python and general programming. I start this initiative at first for myself. Every week I read several coding newsletters and some pages, often here at Medium, and on the web in general. This page will thus kept track of interesting stuff I find on the way and comment some articles and tutorials. See it as a mind map: instead of a full-text article you will find a bullet list with links and some comments/remarks. I am open to suggestions for the next weeks.

In this series my main references are:

I often find myself with the task to mix several programming languages in a single scientific computing project. That sounds a bit crazy but is quite usual because sometimes legacy code is to long to translate within the deadline or even political reasons (yes, the guy who wrote the code during his thesis in 1983 might get offended if you update his code). Today I will talk a bit about exposing Fortran interfaces to be used in C/C++ code. I don’t master the subject yet, although I possess some experience doing so. …

In this article I will tell the story behind how I managed to go from no knowledge about detailed chemical kinetics to sort of mastering it in a few months. By the end of the article I will illustrate a practical problem solved with a Python package I wrote after recycling some code from my PhD thesis.

Example of acetylene pyrolysis simulation results in a PFR.

If you are studying Chemical Engineering or a related field you have probably heard about ideal reactors and how they can be used for solving real world problems. The mathematics behind ideal reactors is quite interesting because several cases allow for analytical solutions…

Walter Dal'Maz Silva

They told me I was a Materials Scientist. Well, nowadays a feel like this is too narrow. I am a Scientist, that’s all. Let’s attack the numerical problems!

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