Stop, It’s Not About Your Degree!
John P. Weiss

hi John —

when and where will you be having your book signing in Manhattan —

I remember seeing Andy Warhol at a book signing for one of his books in a giant book store on Fifth Avenue — a B Dalton right near MOMA — at 53rd —

and it always impressed me that he actually stood in the streets of Manhattan giving out copies of his Interview Magazine when it first came out —

and the most memorable event I recall about Andy Warhol was going up to that magazine’s office and showing my work to the lady there — I think it was his friend Bridgett and she asked me to give her one of my images for the magazine — for free and I refused because I wanted to get paid for submitting my image — and she rambled on about how all of the famous photographers had donated images for the magazine-

I still do not understand how all of these clubs and cliques work — even the great art dealer Leo Castelli had a whole “stable of artists” and I remember him giving talks at MOMA about how he found out about one artist after visiting Robert Raucschenberg’s Studio — he was referring to Jasper Johns — and then how he donated some of John’s work to MOMA —

i wonder how these things get connected in today’s environment —

and then there are the meetings that Castelli had with his artists that he describes in a video interview and well some of those photographs that actually include all of the famous artists as if they were all in some class picture —

how can that type of connection be made today or better yet — how can we all get in some cafe or bar and have a heated discussion — :-)

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