Ha, well Walter, of course I hope to stick around as well.
John P. Weiss

I am wondering — John — with all those years of service in your community and all the contacts both you and the officers who worked in your precinct as well as your fellow police captains throughout your city and throughout the country — you must have a very large network of people to share your work with and people who must be interested in what it is that you are doing with your time now that you have retired from the force — have you been properly notifying them as to what it is that you are doing and how to contact you and just exactly how to purchase your work that you are producing now — there must be such a demand for your fine art that there is not time left for writing and cartooning and then there are the needy groups that you must have come in contact with — volunteer ambulance corps and hospitals as well as foundations in your immediate as well as surrounding areas and so many more that could benefit from your work in some way — you have a virtual gold mine there my friend —

I would certainly love to see you at my current show as well:


I am much too busy and certainly have much much much too much to do to be even thinking about getting a ticket let alone actually getting on a place or train or car service or even an Uber out of the world —

better or not — my philosophy is and will always be

the slower you go — the faster you get to where you want to be — because if you are enjoying where you are — you don’t have to go anywhere.

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