Double Trump

Arkansas Cotton Picker. 1935. FSA/LOC.

From every town and hamlet, let ring the question of the hour: What about Donald Trump’s two personalities? Can he, a Presidential candidate, be elected with an alter ego that has its own names, mission, and identity — thrust into the real world to establish the reality of its pretense? What will America decide about a presidential candidate who once called news rooms pretending to be someone else, completely? The ruse not connected to an investigation or a sting — simply full tilt bozo, bat crazy — a looking glass moment that even a blind mule could recognize as a promulgation of a desperate psyche so narcissistic it invents whole cloth characters to demand attention for its pretense and for its insecure core personality that cannot rest from tales of women and wealth.

Really, this is not “he said, they said.” This is madness! Echoing the disassociations of Nero, Chaka, Stalin, Mao; and a dangerous strain of urban police whose hidden propensity for violence overcomes their inner restraint. Trump and the police are comfortable in their own skin with the lie that justifies the death and division they wrought not as accidental but as necessary.

Trump is one of a cast of modern characters whose lies and violence is cast into denial and conspiracies of validation to win attention as they absolve their sin-bound souls. It is violence by multiple associations and rejections that lead into a world of fantasy and make-believe — into a charade, a masquerade, an illusion, a delusion, a deception that denies its own invention.

Trump’s actions are a disorder with a name, and with other effects: with telling symptoms displayed over and over, an inability to stay focused in real time on real things; a floating dream state of make-believe that needs approval to validate itself the more it becomes out of touch. This is an aphetic release in modern form.

Nine GOP House chairs have endorsed this man as able to save America. They are crazy, too! Governors, donors, senior officials now support a man unable to distinguish or accept his real self. An adult who plays pretend. Instead of addressing reality, he disassociates and pretends to be someone else of another name — common in children between ages five and six. In a time when men pretend to be 14 year-olds to act as internet predators, despite Trump’s difference in purpose, he is mentally ill and needs help. Wouldn’t you, if you called news rooms pretending to be somebody else?

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