Where to find inspiration for writing

Everyone has difficulty writing text, especially if it’s introductory essay in the business school of your dreams, and you realize the depth of responsibility. In such moments we often don’t know where to start, how to drive away the excitement and focus, “catch the wave”. 
 Here is a selection of good advice for those who have lost their muse.

Write something every day 
 Don’t wait for the inspiration to come. When the mind is constantly busy with something, thoughts and ideas come by themselves. In addition, any business is easier if you do it almost every day rather than devoting only three days a week.

Remember that in fifteen minutes you can do something worthwhile

Don’t be fooled by thoughts like “if I don’t have 3–4 hours of free time, there is no point to start”.

No need to write voraciously

If you don’t sleep at night and not get out of the house, neglecting other things — it will soon lead to psychological exhaustion.

If you are “stuck” or lost your thought, stop right in the middle of the sentence

You need to be distracted. Switch to another activity. Then it will be easier to restore a logical chain.

I do not believe that creativity descends on people randomly and haphazardly

Creativity comes to those people who write often and constantly think about improving their essay.

Sometimes the best ideas can come at the stage of validation

Sometimes you need to fully generate the introduction, main part and ending to find complex and interesting ideas. So do not be afraid of drafts.

Find the way to track, organize and store thoughts, ideas, articles etc.

So you will not forget about something that might be useful in future. In addition, periodic review of the collected materials stimulates creative thought. Use some “inspiration boards”, while others store materials in albums and some are in electronic journals. Choose an option that better suits you.

Provide yourself with the best level of a physical comfort

Do you have a comfortable chair? Is it too bright (dimly) at your work space? Cover your eyes with your palm and see whether more comfortable. If Yes, then the lighting is too bright. Take a comfortable pose: shoulders back, don’t slouch. When you are not comfortable, any job seems more difficult.

Try not to be distracted

Try not to be distracted by other people or checking e-mail, telephone, Internet. At the same time, do not accustom yourself to work only in conditions of full peace and tranquility. Do not be distracted by how much you’ve already written, and how many more you need to write.

Define the strategy

On the Desk of Franz Kafka was a sign with one word: “Wait.” The table of an American producer Ted Lowe also has a sign that says “Now!”. Both boards are attracting the attention.

If work is not progressing, take a walk or read a good book

American writer Virginia Woolf once said: “There is one way to swing to start writing. Initially light exercise in the fresh air, then a good book. It is a mistake to assume that literature is born out of nothing.”

To begin writing, it is necessary that you have something to tell

At first glance, fairly obvious advice, but writing’s easier when you purposefully trying to convey the idea, to convey the impression, to give critical evaluation, etc. If essay is not written, forget about form and focus on the content, that is what you want to convey. When you form the goal, the means will come.