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How convenient that you have found the only possible way to claim this wasn’t Hillary’s fault. This level of denial is almost in Donald Trump’s league. I don’t think Senator Sander told Hillary to be deaf to WI and MI. To the contrary his wins over her in those states should have guided her strategy, but NO! as soon as she dispatched him in the primaries she went right back to the same hubris that cost her the primaries in 2008 and the election in 2016. If you think Bernie Sanders is out there saying “we told you so” you are as deaf as the Clinton campaign has been. Try listening, try having a plan, try relating to us peasants, we might surprise you. Hillary not only lost the election but she lost it to Donald J Trump. Did all those poor desperate people in the rust belt believe Trump? Probably not, but he was the only one talking to them so guess what? So blame Bernie if you want, learn nothing…again. But this was Hillary’s race to lose and she lost it. Now you wanna blame anyone but her.

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