The Most Common Types of Jewelry Repair You Need

Jewelry is gorgeous ornamentation that often holds sentimental value to a person. They may have been passed down by a relative or were exchanged during a wedding ceremony. Either way, they are of significant monetary value which requires a fair degree of maintenance to sustain.

Like all things, jewelry goes through aging and is susceptible to losing its charm over time. This is why there are professionals who provide jewelry alterations in Brookline to extend the life span of intricate fine jewelry. There are however various types of jewelry repairs, some of which have been explained in this blog.

Common Types of Repair work done on jewelry

With time people might start noticing faults in the integrity of the pieces of jewelry they own. There are 5 common types of repairs conducted to prevent further damages.

  1. Ring Resizing

A ring might require resizing based on two reasons; inheritance or an increase in the size of the finger. Rings are often passed down through generations and they may not fit the successor as much as they did the predecessor. The size might be tighter or wider than the size of the finger. When the size of the ring needs to be increased, the jeweler would cut a portion out of the bottom of the ring and fill it in with a spacer to increase its size.

2. Shank Repair

Engagement rings are usually manufactured using gold, platinum or other precious metals. The purpose behind using these materials is that they are quite hard to break. However, they can still take on the stress and wear which can lead to fractures in their shank. In most instances, the fracture would occur at the base of the shank.

3. Prong Repair

In any piece of jewelry, the prongs are the most essential components which are used to hold the gemstone in place. Unfortunately, prongs can break easily if they are made out of thin metal resulting in the gem falling off. jewelers refer to prong repairs as prong re-tipping. They make the prongs out of metal and then heat it against the ring to make sure that it adheres.

4. Stone Replacement

If a ring or any piece of jewelry is met with a lot of harsh force, it can loosen the gemstone causing it to fall out. If the owner notices that the gemstone has come undone, they should take it to a professional. The expert will tighten the prongs to the appropriate position to secure the stone. In another instance, it could be the gemstone that has suffered damage in which case it will have to be replaced.

5. Clasp Repair

The clasp used to bind jewelry pieces like necklaces and bracelets are thin pieces of metal that are most vulnerable to breakage. They can break due wear and tear or for other reasons that are not so common. The most typical way of repairing a clasp is to have it replaced.

This concludes that jewelry repairs are among the most quintessential jewelry alterations in Brookline. They are necessary and should not be postponed until the very last moment.



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