Why I removed my articles from Medium

Long story short: Medium was messing up my SEO and Google was not respecting the canonicals

Image credit: The clone army marches! by Fred Dunn

In case you wonder why there are no more articles expect for the 2 in French for Design UX — Francophone here is the detailed explanation.

The SEO mess with canonicals and big Medium publications

The articles I posted on Medium were reposts from my blog. The idea was to help those reach a wider audience. I put them in different UX publications. After a while, I discovered some issues with my SEO.

For some of the content I posted here, Google didn’t respect the canonical. This lead to my blog (the original source of the article) being removed from index, and Google showing the Medium publication instead for some queries and some articles.

Here is an example. I searched for an exact match, that should show my site. Instead, my site disappeared and the uxdesigncc Medium article URL was shown. To be clear: uxdesigncc has nothing to do with this. This is a Google issue.

My hypothesis (but I am not a SEO expert): since some of those were published in “big” UX publications, Google considered the URL of the big publication as more interesting that my small humble blog. So, for some of those, Google just removed my blog from SERPs and decided the “real source” will be the Medium publication. All of that despite setting up the proper canonical in Medium.

So, long story short, I simply removed all the posts that were conflicting with my own domain.

Content scraping from the Medium version

Another thing that I noticed: some of the articles I published on Medium were stolen by shady blogs. Those sites scrap the web for content, steal it, and publish it on their own blog. Those site are crappy aggregates. I don’t have that issue (anymore) with my own site. I guess it doesn’t generate enough traffic to be worth stealing for the moment. But the articles I shared on Medium apparently were.

What’s next?

I will keep Medium for articles that go into Design UX — Francophone. Those don’t have issues (yet). And I might use Medium for “original” content, aka content that is not a repost from my blog. But let’s face it: I already have a lot of drafts I don’t have time to publish on my own blog. So, we’ll see.

Screenshot of my blog “the UX Design Blog”

For the rest, if you want to read my content, I have a really nice blog. Bonus point: no paywall, no ads.

👉 Stéphanie Walter’s UX Blog

I also have some notification by email for each article and a good old fashioned RSS feed you can subscribe to



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