“Customer development tools or strategies”

These are some tools and strategies you will find online. But before you start with customer developement, just look in the mirror and ask yourself do you have a hustling mentality. Will you do everything to find out what the nitty gritty of your customer needs/pains/goals are. And are you able to use those insights to convert them to a great value proposition

  1. Customer interviews
  2. Desk research (what do you already have)
  3. Social research (how can you exploit online channels)

Twitter , Facebook, Meetup, Linkedin, adds on marketplaces

4. Build Landingpage to get a better idea about your customer persona and

your value proposition

5. Build a questionnaire put it online, ask questions but even better ask there contactdetails so you can have a more in dept conversation

6. Love to talk and love to listen

7. Read the mom test

8. When cold calling do a script and call together

9. Use sale / recruitment strategies to acquire people to talk to

10. At some point you need to stop doing interviews

11.Build a landing page and use it to draw early adopters to it and make an integration with a questionnaire. (for validation purposes)

12. Build audiences on Facebook and Twitter

13. Work with a future partner and use their clients to validate

14. Be your own customer, sometimes it works to feel the pain

15. Do whatever it takes, just get things done

16. Create wordclouds of social media content

17. Be creative in finding customers to talk to, where do they eat, live, work, travel and behave. “Understand your future customer”

18. Be comfortable with not understanding the unknown unknowns. So curious is the way to learn and drive , assumption the fuel, validation the breaks.

This is work in progress, if you have more ideas just let me know :)

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