Just the two of us

I’m from Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Arizona in 2012 due to work. My wife is from California and she followed me into the desert in 2014. We call Phoenix home.

Both our families are still in México and California respectively; which could look like a disadvantage but I believe it has made our marriage and family stronger.

Our first few months as newlyweds were pretty amazing. We’d take day-trips to go wine tasting, go to the movies or dinner on a regular basis and entertain or welcome guests into our home every once in a while.

We went to the Grand Canyon. Several times.

As time passed we discovered little things that would get on our nerves, like not closing drawers all the way or leaving shoes in the living room for the other to trip on, but we talked about it and worked on correcting them. We figured out who hates which chores less and compromised on who does what. Some conversations are more difficult than others but we’ve reached a point where there’s no topic that’s off limits.

My wife and I have had to learn how to figure things out between just the two of us. Our communication skills have improved, reconciliation after fights takes less time than at the beginning of our marriage and our overall happiness has grown exponentially. Having a child just intensified all of that.

Yes, it would be nice for our son to see his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on a regular basis or having someone to help out when he’s sick so we don’t have to take time off work. We don’t deny this, that would be wonderful; but it’s not our reality so we try not to dwell too much on that. Instead we try and make the most out of the time we get to spend with our families…oh and we Face Time, a lot.

Hanging out with the family.

Those nights when our son has had a fever or he was teething and we couldn’t figure out how to sooth him fast enough, we were shoulder to shoulder trying to figure it out. She has my back and I have hers. It is those difficulties that have made us stronger, knowing that you have your best friend on your team and that you’ll make it through it all.

We don’t go wine tasting or to the movies as often but it doesn’t matter, we love our domestic, seemingly uneventful life and we wouldn’t change it for the world.