Know Your Numbers

This goes without saying, however, it is truly amazing how many people really do not know their numbers. This seems to be something so elementary, yet so many small business owners have a mindset of if they build it customers will come. The number of times I have seen Marcus challenge people on their financial forecasts is amazing to me. Even if you get lucky and have a killer product, that doesn’t mean success.

The Three Ps

One of the fundamental lessons of “The Profit” is that of the central importance of the three Ps: people, processes and product. Lemonis emphasizes that…

How do we break away from bad habits? Especially when one is bad resolutions or goals to begin with.

Every year we see the same statistics about New Year’s resolutions being broken. Over half of them are broken in 6 months. What prevents us from becoming the best we can be? Why do we stay in these recurring cycles? Why do we stress so much over being the perfect person? What drives us to be better?

These are the consistent questions that I ask every New Year’s Day. After a night of fun and a weekend of reflection- I have taken the time to set my path for the year for myself and my company, EnLab. …

That’s it everyone. I’m hanging it up.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for me any more.

I want out of this game. I’m frazzled, frustrated, and flustered. The amount of bullshit that I have heard in the last few months about hustle, marketing, personal brands, etc. has become nauseating.

Those of you that refer to yourselves as entrepreneurs that I’ve seen lately are just marketers and salesman. Some of you are even worse.

It’s because of you that I don’t want to use describe myself as such anymore. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m a business man.

You’re all full of shit. You’re not Mark Cuban. You’re not Gary Vaynerchuk. Let’s…

On December 9th, 2012 the business entity known as EnLab was born as an LLC. Our beginnings were inauspicious as any other startup or small business. I began this business without much of a clue of what I actually wanted to do other than knowing that I didn’t want to work for anyone else any more.

With that in mind, I began with web development and consulting as a “solo-preneur.” …

Is a “dislike” button the right thing for Facebook, especially in an election year?

According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that Facebook is working on a “dislike” button. If this is true, the question becomes, “Is this the perfect time or will this development during an election year create a shit show of massive proportions?”

As with any Facebook rumor or announcement the reaction has been varied with


trepidation (read negativity),

snarky humor that is trademark of the internet,

& lastly Slate going “literal net” with the first “Well actually” moment.

But what else would we expect from a Slate? If someone were to…

The time has come to vent my frustrations with the entrepreneurship community on the web at large. Far too long I have bit my tongue as I’ve watched talking heads glamorize the “hustle culture” when there is little to no glamour to be seen.

Many of you will think this sounds bitter. I respect that, but understand that this writing will be as if I’m wringing my heart into an ink well and transferring the very essence of myself onto the page of a moleskin.

I believe in sharing something that is meaningful and from the heart. There are way…

Walt Spence

Founder. Creator. Developer. Digital rights advocate. #startups #rails #vuejs

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