If you are a friend to Mark Zuckerberg on facebook, a man whose social estate houses a large number of human's population, you may have a clue as to why African youths are all getting it wrong and the reason for our collective stagnancy. The young man updates the world about his new invention on facebook with about three word loaded paragraphs, there is not a single space for "God own son's" kind of grammatical expressions. He needs a policy maker? He knows where to get them. Software engineer? He knows where to look for. He does not pray for divine software engineer to come his way!

Even if you have never engaged in conversation with an average African youth, their updates about their present condition displayed on social media is a template for understanding my message. The only invention an average African makes is their making a snapshot of a portrait picture of themselves and they will flood the Zuckerville with "thank GOD for taking this pic safely," "GOD, you are so wonderful," or "Jesus I love you" as captions for the taken pictures. I wonder what caption they will invoke if they were the one that made the phones used in the first place!

Have you ever conversed with an African? Damn! It is such a boring adventure garnished with superfluous insertion of GOD into the conversational exchange. A: "How would we stop these political thieves?" B: "GOD will intervene." A: "What can we do to improve our dying culture?" B: "GOD will take control" A: "So gala now sells for 70 Naira?" B: "GOD will save us in this country oo" All you just need to do is activate your conscious mode to notice how Africans invoke GOD in issues that need only our brains. It is a very sad scenario my dear.

If I were this GOD, all I will just do is to remove the brain part of their body system whenever I'm sending new generation to their continent, since the part is dormant and they always call me even when they want to sneeze. If China likes, let them invent nuclear drone, GOD will do our own for us! SMH seriously.

Wale Oyedeji


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