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Digital audio workstations, as the name implies, are the quintessential tool for the manipulation of digital audio. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering: these are the foundations of modern music production, and most pieces of contemporary software have them covered at some level.

However, there’s one particular aspect of music production that, in my opinion, most workstations just can’t seem to get right: composing.

Mind you, I’m not talking about all styles and manners of composition.

There’s plenty of good music that was composed inside of a DAW, but there seems to be a strong bias towards music which is built…

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Whether you’re trying to get your story distributed by Medium curators or to set up a successful LinkedIn profile, the importance of avoiding major spelling and grammar mistakes on the web cannot be overstated.

Non-native speakers like me often have a hard time getting everything right, but search engines and other technologies can make things much easier.

These are my personal tips to keep your writing as polished as possible even without a perfect knowledge of the English language.

1 — Turn on your browser’s spellchecker

Spelling mistakes are the most basic mistakes to avoid. Most modern browsers come with a built-in spellchecker that will highlight spelling…

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For centuries, both musicians and listeners have been quite familiar with pitch. Pitch is the building block of scales and chords. Coupled with rhythm, it’s the very essence of melody and harmony. It’s the primary tool for masterful composers to unlock our deepest emotions, our highest dreams.

There are many things that we like about sound, but pitch seems to attract us in a special way. When we listen to the Moonlight Sonata, for instance, we hear no words, no drums. All we hear is pitch: melodies and arpeggios rising and falling like waves on the shore. …

Walter Paganini

I’m a self-learning composer and producer who happens to have a computer science degree.

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