One, Two, Three!

My third day at the Andela Cohort 17 bootcamp has been quite eventful. From the frustrations of getting errors in the code during compilation to the joys of actually completing an assignment; It has been a real roller coaster. The Self Learning Clinic gets more intense as we forge ahead but it has been an exciting experience so far. To be able to work on projects from home and deliver has been both impelling and engaging. Time management comes in place whereby one has to carefully prioritize tasks and set out to accomplish them by the set deadline.

Communication with my fellow bootcampers has helped me a lot as well. A little shove in the back with one another goes a long way in helping us to achieve our daily targets. The seemingly unending hours of study have helped me to improve my knowledge in programming and made me conversant with a wider scope of scenarios in the programming world.

I am able to come up with solutions significantly faster and also able to anticipate possible errors and rectify them before they occur. I’m really glad to have come this far and this leaves me looking forward to the next assignment. I do realize that learning is a never ending process but as the saying goes: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stride…”. So, committing my energy and willpower to the program has injected a new wave of desire in me to achieve even more than I set out to do.

Maintaining a positive mentality also aids to stay focused and purpose driven. I am determined to learn as much as possible during bootcamp and also progress to the next stage.

As for today, it goes down as a fulfilling and fruitful day as I eagerly await to see what’s in store tomorrow. Until then, I trudge along on the journey to become a Global Tech Leader.