The ‘DOJO’ Experience.

Friday 31st March 2017 evening found me at home. It was one of those days that I just wanted to stay indoors and away from my phone. However, this one was a little different in that i had my phone with me. I was just seated there listening to some music at around 9 pm when i received an email :


After a highly competitive selection process, we’re pleased to inform you that the admissions committee has decided to extend you an invitation to Andela’s Bootcamp.


See, I had been invited to an interview at Andela two days earlier and i was nervously waiting and constantly refreshing my email inbox just to check if i had made it through. The selection process to this stage had been rigorous and it was a celebration and a huge sigh of relief all mixed into one huge cloud of emotion. It was so fulfilling to have made it through!

Come Day 1 of bootcamp, I have to say it was a real pleasure to be back at the Dojo. Meeting some of the guys I had met during the interview was also great. The warm-up session just before we started also helped to ease ourselves up and keep us jovial for the day ahead. It was a fun bonding session as well for the whole group and helped to demonstrate teamwork within the camp.

The steep learning curve I have experienced at the boot camp training so far has been enlightening. One has to be quick and mentally sharp. There is no room for slacking(pun intended).

Being the social beings we humans are, building relationships is part and parcel of our development. My experience at bootcamp has been great due to the many friends I’ve made so far. New environments excite me as well and spending time at the Dojo has been like a programmer’s visit to wonderland. I’m proud and privileged to have made it this far in the journey to become an Andelan. The training and insights received thus far have aided my desire to become a global Tech leader. It is my hope that I shall progress and join other fellows on the mission to use Technology to impact the world positively.

Many thanks go to the team at Andela for the great job they are doing in nurturing young programmers and assisting them to hone their skills.