The only use of a challenge is to be overcome.

Humans are continually faced with difficulties, challenges and setbacks(temporary or otherwise) in life. They are an inevitability in life and are normal of all human experiences. We ought to learn how to receive and respond positively to each challenge, use it as a stepping stone and start moving forward in life. They are essential to learn what we need to know and develop strong character traits.

After I had applied to the Andela cohort 17 intake, I had trouble accessing computer services to aid my home study curriculum. I had to set aside two hours of my day to go to a cyber cafe and make the most of the time to try and grasp a concept or two concerning programming. Were it not for the desire I had to be selected, procrastination or lethargy would have played a part. I had to learn so much in such a short period. I, however, set my mind to complete the task at hand and to say that i was delighted to be called for an interview would be an understatement. It had been a challenge to get to that point.

I have come to learn that whatsoever one decides to do, with enough grit and determination, they shall verily accomplish. Attaining a positive mindset is key to achieve set goals and, without resting on our laurels, set out to achieve even more through passion. ‘Passion is pure energy’ they say, so why not get enough passion to do something and let the ‘pure energy’ do the rest?

I, however, acknowledge that further challenging experiences(learning and others) will come my way but staying focused and determined will help me overcome them. So, I sign out positively, reckoning that the greatest tool we have is our mind. Cheers!