Eunice Wamaitha — Fine Artist

Eunice Wamaitha-ARTIST

1.Being a self — taught pencil/fine artist comes with challenges. What are some of the setbacks you encounter in your craft?

The items I require for my art such as some pencil brands are not available locally. I have to import them. That is an expensive undertaking. These same equipment are damn expensive. Some time when I am short of cash, it affects my operations

2. When you are not drawing, what pastimes do you engage in?

Nature walks, reading novels and watching movies.

3. Is pencil art a lucrative venture in your view? Is it a self — sustaining source of income for you? Or you have to result to other money making activities to pay your bills?

I am yet to get to that point where I can comfortably meet all my primary needs through art. However, I have done some commissioned pieces for local clients. It’s picking up and I am optimistic I will get to that point where self — sustenance on art alone will be a possibility.

Art by Eunice

4. Which fine artists do you look up to? And which ones have played a part in mentoring you to the level you are in?

JAY SKETCH MASTA. He is phenomenal. He walked with me in the early days as a beginner. I owe a lot of my progress to him.

5. Are there any programs you engage yourself to assist art newbies or to improve your art skills?

Art tutorials online. There are hundreds of art videos on You Tube. There are so many art websites some of which I have signed up on as a member.


6. Is art something you intend to engage in for the rest of your adult life or it is a transitional venture to better prospects?

Absolutely. I am looking forward to still doing art even in my ripe age.

7. What is your mantra as you tackle your art?

. I believe in giving all my best to my art work.

8. What is your typical day like at work?

I work on my art works in bit due to other engagements. I try to minimize the time taken on each piece depending on clients’ needs

9. There are times you encounter uncooperative clientele. How do you handle that?

I had such an encounter once. And it taught me great lessons. What I do nowadays is to draw up terms and conditions of service to a client before I commence working on any piece of art.


10. Your parting shot?

Hard work is the mother of all success

Interview by — Evan Wambugu,Photography by — Sam Kairu and Robert Kingori

Follow her for more of her work:

Facebook : @Eunice Wamaitha

Instagram: @EuniceWamaitha

Contact: 0727008861

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