Uncloaking the boy in every man Part II:Insecure,Emotional Boyfriends

The other day i had a client meet up and something a little embarrassing happened.In the course of our meeting,the boyfriend called.He demanded to know where the lady was and what she was doing.You can’t resist eavesdropping some of these juicy relationship drama convos.So the lady explained she was meeting me to discuss details of what she needed done for her.After a few minutes,the guy called again.Asking the same thing.Turns out he is those jealous,insecure kind.

“I am sorry,he has always been like that.Always on my business.Nagging and pushy.”,she offered.

The girl kept reassuring him that she loves him and that she wasn’t doing what he was thinking.At one point she offered that i speak to him to ascertain what she had told him.After a few minutes he called again ranting how she is not being fair.In the long run,we had to interrupt the discussion,so that he could sort out their issue.

She promised to email me the details and apologized for what had happened.The jealous,insecure boyfriend is something we all know about.Later she called explaining how their relationship has been strained by his characteristic hen-pecking.He calls her all the time.Demands she gives him audience even when she is working.He shows up at her place of work.He snoops through her handbags and cell phone and PC every time they are together.Their interactions have become jaded with arguments as he is always “suspecting her of seeing another guy”. Well,i could understand because she is that pretty yellow yellow with a model figure and wears figure hugging dresses and skirts suits and pants.She has this infectious laughter that makes you dazed.She is fun to be around.She is an interesting conversationist too.

She was torn between keeping up with this guy and calling off the relationship.Due to the professional nature of my association with her,i chose to refrain from commenting on what course of action she should pursue.It’s her private life- i reasoned.

So,guys who are hitched or are seeing someone,listen up.I know you can get deep into it.It is allowed.You will fall so deep in love with your girlfriend that you want to monitor their life CIA/FBI Style.You will want to see where she does her nails.You will want to know her girlfriends.You will want to know what she does at work.You will want to see her Facebook Inbox and her WhatsApp Chats and her emails.You will want to know who she calls and where she hangs out and all she does.You will want to see her bank statements and all she is up to.You will say you are her partner and you demand to know everything about her because you can’t risk losing her to another guy.

You will keep spamming her inbox with sweet nothings and calling her all day along.When she threatens to leave, you will beg her to stay -write 1000 word essays on how you can’t live without her.You will spend on her so that you can keep her.You will do everything for her so you can keep the relationship going.You will adjust to suit her demands.You will give in to her theatrical whims so as to keep her.You are afraid of losing her.You have been wired to imagine life without her wouldn’t be worth living anymore.

When she makes good her threat to live,you will heighten to stalking her in social media,her circle of friends and when it turns out that you can’t ever be an item again,the depression kicks in.You skip work,you get late to work.You stop talking to your buddies.You start drinking daily.You remain indoors all day watching “Single Ladies” and soap operas.You soak your face in tissue after weeping over the break up.You will open your diary and write a break up poem.And a personal note on how things have changed since she dumped you.You will entertain suicidal thoughts.

You will stop playing FIFA or pool with your buddies.You will stop listening to hip

hop and get a playlist of soft rock and R&B.You will stay in your pyjamas all day mourning the breakup.

Yes.You are doing it right.You are uncloaking the boy in you.Get all mushy.Boyfriends should be allowed to be insecure and jealous.They are allowed to be nagging and nosy and pushy.They should be allowed to fall in love to the extent they tattoo their girlfriend’s name on their necks.They should spend a fortune on the lady to keep the relationship afloat.They should snoop and stalk and demand audience at all times.They should feel the love they give being reciprocated.

What do you think?