Growth mind set

Growth mindset is a self-perception that people hold about themselves.
 Believing that you can either do something or not is a simple 
example .I was a victim of this before trying Andela .I had heard of Andela an year ago from friends but i ignored applying for the reason being i felt i 
was not geeky enough for the challenge.Later on my friend decided to take up the challenge and she was able to manage and emerge a winner.Having been friends for a long time i knew about her programming background which to me did not measure as geeky enough. I could not understand how she was able to become an Andela fellow.I realized this was all 
possible by a change of mindset.I then took up the challenge and applied for the program.To my surprise i was called in for the interview which lead me to where i am .I felat i had what it takes to become one of the best.

Learning a new programing language is a bit challenging.Understanding the environment by itself is hard enough and even worse when you only have limited time.That is what exactly happened. I had to experience this as part of the journey in trying to join Andela Kenya.On line materials were helpful but sometimes one loses track of time and direction too.I specifically remember code academy which was a good start but the only challenge was they already have an environment set up for you so it felt easy to work on it while us you actually need to learn how to set up your own environment on your machine.

Virtue machine was another challenge.As i write this am a few hours old
 from discovering virtue machines.At first i was not comfortable running the commands on the terminal especially because i was always getting errors almost all the time due to simple mistakes like not being in the required file or folder .With much practice i feel ,i can confidently do it over again and again.

I was able to achieve everything i mention due to a change of mind set.I feel growth mind set should be taught over and over in all institution .Through this everyone will be able to bring out the best of them self and hence positive changes all over the world.Who knows maybe our country would not be in crises as it right now. Look at me now ,i feel am on the journey to become a world class developer something i never imagined.