Hmmm, an invitation to week two of the boot camp or rather second with Andela is amazing.You send your weekend anticipating for what will happen all through the week.You are excited to hear you are one step away from joining the fellowship but then they remind you, you are reminded that is the most important stage, so you excitement levers drop.I remember for me that weekend was spent trying to familiarize myself with the required skills to manage this second date.
Monday came, we were allocated new groups with different facilitators.As fast as possible i had to develop a relationship with my new term members.This was an interesting opportunity to get to learn new people and learn their working condition.By the end of the, I felt we had kicked of quit well.We also had to come up with a project plan to help us track our progress.I found this quite help because I would at least understand my project timelines.By Wednesday I realized I was not able to have accomplished what i thought I would have reason being I had not broken my task covered a wider scope that I had factored in.Soo I went back to my drawing board as reschedule my time allocation appropriate.What I learned from this is, You have to break down your task into the smaller scope just to help you get the coverage.
The project required the use of an object which is part of opp.From week 1 task, i had some knowledge on oop but this task required much more understanding.I did my research then asked one of my group mates to explain further on the same.
After a self-evaluation with my Facilitator, it was pointed out that I had a lot of redundant code.I had to learn how to use dry code to reduce the execution time of the system.This was done by use of more of inbuilt functions.
Working under pressure was a major blocker.This was because we had limited time to learn a concept and implement it.When I was faced with this challenge, i would occasionally take a
break, talk to group members or even take a work.This really helped.Every time a took a break I come back more energized and refreshed.Some a stare away from the screen also helped.
To sum it all boot camp was amazing.The learning made it even more fun.Been grouped together with people with similar interest was great.They always felt your struggle as well as your joy.

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