5. Dancing: Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?

It’s me, dancing. After the long day, working up the mountain, picking up the children so many time, I’m finally home, relaxed, nothing to do but just dance. My playlist 2, African drum dance music. It’s my favourite. I added it like a week ago.

Just listen to it with a super loud volume. Dance like crazy. Someone is surprised just for a second and joined me immediately. Heart beat, my breath, my carve, my arm… Feeling the sensation of the rhythm and the energy of the music, and every time I take a breath, I inhale the positive energy and making life forth energy in myself. And negativity goes away as I exhaled with the rhythm. Music helps me to cleanse.

Now music is off. Time to calm and meditate. Time to listen to my body deeply. I still feel the fast heart beats but feeling calm. Why I was so grumpy before this? I even don’t remember why. I feel myself recharged and have all the energy and passion. Thank you universe

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