Breaking Routine

By Rogers Wanambwa

Routine; a course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure. This definition from the dictionary alludes to something that is done over and over and over again. Most find their comfortable zones and formulate routines around these, well just to make life easier for them. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong but whenever you get comfortable, you become complacent with what life has dealt you with. Be it a good life or bad. Suffice to say, you become negligent of achieving more in life.

One may ask what is wrong with that? Well, nothing much but whenever you become complacent, it’s the beginning of your downfall. Mainly because you’ve accepted whatever life has dealt you with and will not fight for more. Interestingly, it said this is when you start dying.

Literally, because life doesn’t give space to redundancy. It’s either you are offering something, chasing after something, expecting something or else life will not tolerate you. Cruel, right?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, that is the way of life.
Why should one break routine? Of what benefit is it? Glad you asked!

Consider for example, if our fore fathers had remained in the lands in which they came from(I there were no migrations), there would no populations that have resulted from these migrations, which consequently led to inter-marriages, new developments and new civilizations and ultimately, what you see as different human settlements around the world. How do you think we would be surviving?

Considering the fact that space would be limited, over population would be the order of the day and all it’s disadvantages.

Then again, consider today, if people didn’t break the routine of working and doing business in the same country, how would economies have survived without inter-trade?

How would young economies like Uganda be fairing without the 'nkuba kyeyo’? In 2018 and 2019, they(the nkuba kyeyo or basummer) actually contributed a lot of remittances or money to Uganda’s economy only paralleled by that from the tourism industry and although this year, COVID-19 has been tough on many of them, they still send a lot of remittances back home.

Let’s go a little bit more personal.

If you don’t leave your comfort zone and break out of your routine, you may never get employed for example. You actually need to network and get connections that will land that job.

Even just getting admitted to university actually needs a lot of hard work. In Uganda, only 1 out of 6 pupils that start primary ends up completing university. Think about that the next time you think your university degree is useless if you have one.

Starting a business too requires one to break put of their routine and searching for that niche where they can fit and where they can satisfy a need in their community. You can never successfully operate a business if you don’t break out of your usual routine.

How to break routine?

It all starts in the mind. You have to make up your mind first, that from today onwards, I’m changing. Or I’m starting out on a particular thing. Not easy I know, but you’ve to tell this to yourself first.

Commit to it. Start, and start immediately. Do not hesitate to. It’ll be hard in the beginning but the human is quick to adapt and before you know it, you’ll no longer be smoking, or drinking. Or you’ll be reading everyday. Or you’ll be starting on that business.

Tell others. Habakkuk 2:2 says: 'And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.'

By telling others, you’ll have witnesses and people to remind you in case you become sloppy or start falling back into your routine.

Model yourself around people that you admire. They most probably are never living in the comfort zone. They are out there taking on the world. Such should be your role models.

With these few insights, I hope you will break out of your routine today and take on the world.

When not writing, I can be found enjoying a good book.

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Rogers Wanambwa

Rogers Wanambwa

When not writing, I can be found enjoying a good book.

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