Web Design

Why do I do web design? I love it and its fun. Creating a little bit of something that puts a smile on someone’s face is a really good feeling. I think I am successful mainly because I take an idea, turn it into a vision and make it real. Sometimes people have no clue, they just want a website. That’s no issue, I are more than capable of asking enough questions to get to the heart of the matter and create something that exceeds their expectations. I don’t have KPI’s and I do have a work life balance. I am lucky enough to work along side my husband who is a systems engineer doing his own stuff, so basically we are happy little vegemites who are focused and passionate about what we love doing. Pretty cool!

We have a vision that one day we are going to be digital nomads. It is doable you know. It hasn’t reached planning stages yet but who knows?

I’m really interested to see if anyone has achieved nomad status and find out satisfaction levels or whether the wheels fell off after a few months of not roots so to speak!

anyway, that’s enough about me for now. I will sit back and read for a while before I put myself out there again. Take Care!