How to change a belief

This post is a note to self about how to change a belief, for my future reference.

Yesterday I suddenly thought that perhaps I needed to shift back to changing my beliefs, after doing neurological remodeling for a while. But then I couldn’t recall how to change a belief. For a few seconds, I remained stumped. It was like coming back to work after a long vacation and forgot my login password. This post is therefore to remind myself, in case I suffer from dementia later.

Before changing a belief, first detect that such-and-such a belief exists. So drop my awareness into the deeper layer of my psyche. Like jumping from the roof to the ground. Once I hit something, I will feel it sort of like a resonance. What does it say? Attach words to it (thought, emotion). By attaching words, I am moving it from subconscious to conscious level.

Once I have it labelled or transcribed, hold on to it. Gaze at it. Placing unwavering awareness at it is like shining it with the spotlight. It will begin to melt. It will begin to lose its power over me. In Mandarin, this is called 消浓度 (translated: reduce intensity). The more inner power I have, the lesser time and effort it will take to reduce intensity.

If the belief is very strong and stubborn, I will need to rate it, then reduce it in phases. Rate it from a scale of zero to 10. Scrub and clean it. Rate it again, until it is at zero.

Once the belief has lost all power over me, I can do a scan. Shine my torchlight at all corners, see if it’s still there. Specifically, use my awareness to search for that particular resonance. If that belief no longer resonate with me, then I am clear of it.

Then I can set new belief in my psyche. This is like programming the subconscious. No need to go into a meditative state. Just step into my core essence — all layers of my subtle energies must be vibrating at the same frequency (合一). It’s like having all members of the household sit quietly at the dining table: all become one. Then shove the new belief in (注射). It’s like playing snooker. Focus. Aim. Shoot.

Then check the new belief. Has it been firmly planted inside my psyche? Or is it still above the ground, hovering outside of my psyche, like a zombie? Use the scanning method. Bounce. If the belief is firmly planted, it will echo if I bounce. If not, or if the echo sounds wavy, then repeat the above (focus, aim, shoot).

The above steps are not anything I learned from anywhere. It is just something that I did instinctively.

My target is to have the above steps reduced to a few minutes, possibly less than a minute. When an outer experience is not what I want, immediately change my core resonance, and then re-project the new resonance out. That’s the way to deal with a challenge or problem. Don’t sit on it. Don’t sleep on it. Flip it immediately!