(Held 4th Monday of each Month) here in Beautiful Downtown Monterey, CA

CFC is a BOLD new therapy group that goes where other caregiver groups do not go. Stephen and Wanda Braveman join forces to combine THERAPY and CAREGIVING into an innovative and successful approach to “STAY-IN-THE-MOMENT” with your loved one/patient and yourself.

Together we GIVE YOU THE TOOLS to care-give yourself first, so you can have the energy, strength and courage to care for someone else.

We teach you NEW techniques that guide you to a more spiritual and peaceful caregiving lifestyle.

This monthly group is appropriate for professional as well as familial caregivers.

This very popular group is based on the book written by Wanda Proost (Braveman), “White Knight, Living with Alzheimer’s Moment by Moment.” Available on Amazon and Kindle.

If this sounds like exactly what you need now, please call Wanda 831.375.7553 to reserve your seat. $30.00 per person.

Press Release for:

WHITE KNIGHT, Living with Alzheimer’s Moment by Moment.

Wanda M. Proost

Joe and Wanda found each other in midlife. Deeply in love, they’d just bought their new home when Joe’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s changed everything. “Until death do us part” took on an immediate, deeply personal meaning.

White Knight recounts the couple’s four-year journey through Alzheimer’s, a journey that ended in Joe’s death. Initially, Wanda like many caregivers mourned for the husband she used to have, teetering between despair and panic while she adapted to the couples new reality.

Then, something wonderful happened. Wanda came to the realization that helped her enjoy and cherish the limited time she had left with the man she loved. By dedicating herself to filling Joe’s remaining days with as much laughter and love as possible, Wanda found strength and purpose in the midst of sorrow and despair.

Written with heartfelt honesty and love, White Knight reveals how living in the moment helps keep caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients calm, improving quality of life and reducing stress for all concerned. Wanda’s message, simple but powerful, will change how you view Alzheimer’s.

Wanda is blessed with an enthusiasm for life, finding joy in the smallest moments. Her zeal and willingness to show up every day for her life proved invaluable while she cared for her husband Joe. This insidious disease robbed her of her husband, home, job and lifestyle, but could not steal her heart and the love she radiates to all.

Walk with Joe and Wanda, feel their passion, feel their zest for life. Let their love enter your hearts and open the possibilities that a stay in the moment attitude can give. Let their love meet with a renewed sense of hope in your life. Let Alzheimer’s be a blessing for every man, woman and child that has ever loved and lost to this disease.

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