eva problems

He isn’t a her, it’s a he. He never refers to himself as a her, so you have no right or reason to call him a her. Just because a guy wants to dress in girl’s clothing and act in feminine mannerisms doesn’t make him a girl. He can be a guy and just because he doesn’t act like a masculine male or decides to crossdress (and even wear fake boobs) doesn’t make him any less of a man.

The only bigotry that I saw in this whole article is the assumption that men can’t be fabulous without being classified as “female.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong or outrageous about a guy who identifies as male and is perfectly accepting of the fact that he is male who loves himself and is secure with himself who also likes to dress in women’s clothing and have female mannerisms.

Women dress like men and act like men and they are never expected to be identified as “male” by third parties. Men who dress and act like women however aren’t allowed to be men, they are expected to be “women” (transwomen in this case). It’s bullshit and bigotry of the highest degree.

Gwyndolin represents the absolute most maligned and under represented group in “LGBTQ.” Which is, men who are perfectly fine with being men who also like to dress in women’s clothing and make themselves appear feminine, while still never deviating from their identity as a man.

TL;DR: Why does someone have to be a “woman” to dress like a woman and act like a woman? That’s bullshit. Gwyndolin represents a group that the entire “progressive LGBTQ” community refuses to even acknowledge the existence of. And that is MEN who do not identify as “trans” anything, but CIS MEN who dress and act in female mannerisms. How they dress and how they act has absolutely NO BEARING on their gender or identity, and is merely a personal choice. When you go out of your way to say that such a person MUST be a woman…well, just ask Gwyndolin, and he’d tell you he’s a guy. Because that’s what he is, and he’s okay with that.

And a lot of guys are totally okay with being guys and dressing and acting that way. You don’t have to be a “woman” to be fabulous. That’s bullshit.

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