Clément Guillou new CTO/Co-founder Wanderbrief

Clément Guillou (middle) officially joined Wanderbrief as CTO/Co-founder

Clément Guillou joined Wanderbrief as CTO/Co-founder as of July 1, 2017.

“I’ve been following Wanderbrief for a while and after my very first conversation with Mark and Valentijn, I realised that together we can build the ultimate product to make remote work and travel accessible for a global generation.”

— Clément Guillou (new CTO/Co-founder Wanderbrief)

Clément Guillou (FR) is an experienced traveler and full stack developer with a proven track record. Prior to his current adventure at Wanderbrief, he was building products for digital agencies, brands and charities such as KLM, LEGO and Nespresso for 5+ years, as well as founding his own web development studio dev+rage. Technologies have no secret for him and what gets him up early in the morning is how to boost and accelerate growth faster than Usain Bolt.

“The skills, experience and personality of Clément are exactly what we we’re looking for in our founding team. Best part of the story is that we met each other while working remotely in Bali. With Clément on board we are ready to take the ecosystem of Wanderbrief to the next level.”

— Mark van der Heijden & Valentijn van Santvoort (Co-founders Wanderbrief)

About Wanderbrief

7000+ freelancers from 90 countries in 4 categories: Advertising, Design, Development, Video/Photography

Wanderbrief is a global community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who see the world as their office. They are a generation that is not driven by money but by wanderlust and passion for their craft. Wanderbriefers are adventurous, creative, open-minded and extremely driven. They roam the globe while helping brands and companies take over the world at the same time. Wanderbrief connects them with jobs at progressive start-ups, scale-ups, brands, NGOs and agencies and who embrace diversity and believe in the power of cross-cultural creativity.