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Wanderbriefer Celinne da Costa in Tasmania, Australia

Name: Celinne Da Costa

Company: Celinne Da Costa

Role: Brand Story Coach

Wanderbrief Profile: Celinne Da Costa

What are you working on and from where?

I’m a Brand Story coach: I help passionate, high-level entrepreneurs create powerful stories so they can attract their ideal clients, differentiate themselves from competitors, and scale their personal brand and business.

I work completely remotely, which means I get to do my dream job and travel the world full-time!

How did you become a Digital Nomad and why?

I worked in corporate America for 3 years and it drained my soul. I hated doing work without understanding who I was benefiting and what the bigger purpose was. I felt that I was not living a life I was satisfied with, so I decided to change that. I quit my job, and set off on a social experiment in which I circumnavigated the globe by couch-surfing through my social network. I started to travel around the world, staying with locals (mostly strangers) who I was connected with somehow.

As I was traveling, I realized how deeply I craved this freedom and how unwilling I was to sacrifice it. I realized there was no way I could go back to corporate — so I had to make the Digital Nomad life work! I never went back ☺

You can read more about my project here: https://celinnedacosta.com/2016/05/17/why-i-quit-my-job-to-couch-surf-the-world/

What sucks/is awesome about this lifestyle?

The best part is — I get to work from anywhere! I can see the world while building my business, which means I am in control of my schedule, income, and clients. The flexibility is unparallel.

But, it also comes with a cost. Running my business on the road can be super stressful as I have to oversee everything. What goes right or wrong is my responsibility! Also, traveling to places that don’t have decent Wifi can make life extra difficult.

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Wanderbriefer Celinna Da Costa in Providencia, Colombia

What gears and tools do you use to work remotely?

My essential tools are my laptop, my phone, and a portable Wifi hotspot. So long as I have those on me, I can work from anywhere!

Most epic place you’ve worked from?

Lake Atlitan in Guatemala, Ubud in Bali, and Sacred Valley in Peru have been some of my favorite work spots.

Who inspires you?

Real, every day people who decide to break out of the norm and do something epic with their lives. They are all over the world, and the number is growing. I absolutely love meeting them and hearing their stories, it inspires me as I continue building my own!

Do you have any advice for Wanderbriefers that are thinking about becoming a Digital Nomad?

The first step is deciding that you’re committed to the digital nomad lifestyle, and the second is taking action! You can dream and think all day long, but nothing is going to manifest if you’re not doing something about it. Make a gameplan, break it into small actionable steps, and start. The Digital Nomad path is unpredictable and sometimes difficult, but so worth it.

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Celinna Da Costa hangin’ around in Brazil

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