Float in Freedom

The mind is a universe which needs to be explored more, with silence. Observe the thoughts and count the repetition of coincidences. Watch yourself as you lose and gain faith. Feel the hope surging and diminishing in your heart. Feel the love uniting you with the world and leaving you clueless. Smell death in every blossom. Feel the winter breeze in the heat of the summer. Watch the moon rising before the day is over. Perish in her absence while she is looking in your eyes.

Sing with the burning desire screaming to materialize from inside your chest. Accept your solitude and uniqueness. Embrace your weakness and mundaneness. Take a step further without expectations, but with open eyes. Take a deep breath! You’re just living another day. It will disappear in no time and could be so ordinary as to leave no traces in your mind, or it could bear the greatest event of your life. The words you leave unspoken will remain unspoken, and the hand you refuse to stretch will receive no warmth. The fear you dispose of lightens your burden and allows you to go further in life. The extent of the insignificance of life should only be realized to the degree of shedding fears and the importance of the smallest bits of existence to the fact that they are part of your experience.