Road tripping my way..

I love road trips.

I could live my life as a endless road trip, well I could live my life as anything related to travel on a endless form. Road tripping just gives me the opportunity to drive a lot, and that’s also something that I love.
A few weeks ago I had a long weekend that was an opportunity to go back to road trips, so it worked like this:

2 girls
1 car
4 days

In which we leave Lisbon and our only goal was to visit a bit of Geres.
No more plans, no hotels booked, no itinerary decided.

Geres is Natural Park on the north of Portugal, and south of Galiza (Spain) that has some of the most beautiful places and views that I ever experienced. I will write about it in a future post.

This was definitely my favorite type of road trips, because we only had a destination in mind, we knew that we had to go North, anything else was an adventure.

On our way north we stopped in Porto, that is the 2nd portuguese city, and we had Lunch there, one of our delicacies, Francesinha, that will deserve a post by itself, it’s a mouth watering sandwich with all kind of meats, melting cheese and an amazing spicy sauce.

After lunch, and wishing to be like our Spanish neighbors and be able to sleep a siesta, we keep on going north, and went on visiting Guimarães, the city where Portugal was born, and Braga, a pretty and extremely old portuguese city.

Since it was already dark when we get to Braga, being the beginning of December it got dark way to early, we decided to sleep in Braga, so we used the power of internet an to grab a cheap room there.

On the next morning, and after finally looking to a map, and admittedly using GPS, w went to Geres, we first checked Arcos de Valdevez, an extremely beautiful small city, and then we spent hours travelling trough some of the most amazing views o Portugal, it was such a beautiful and breath taking place, it’s definitely a must go place, so much nature, animals, beautiful views, that I don’t think it’s possible to make it justice just with words.

By the evening, and after assuming that we were in such a rural area, that it wasn’t that easy ti have internet or a cheap place to sleep, we decided to the closest city, and that was Chaves.

Even though I assume to myself and others,that I know almost all my country, I had never been to Chaves, and I was pleasantly surprised, it’s really nice, and has a type of architecture that I wasn’t expecting.
On our last day, we just went to Vila Real to get some of their savory and sweets delicacies, and then we went trough all the roads were we can the port wine vines.

After 3 days, I remembered why i love to road trip, we constantly discover new places, new adventures … and we keep on singing everything and anything that we listen to on the radio.

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