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I thoroughly enjoyed this. As the opposite of old, I recently quit my job to move to Europe and become one of those ever wandering and poor travel writers. I realized at some point that I hated reading every single post someone in my “field” wrote. Most are excellent travelers and horrible writers. I can’t even make it half way down an article before I exit saying, “there is a horse that has been beaten past life,” or “did this person even graduate elementary level writing and grammar classes?” It’s hard to find motivation in order to continue when everyone around you lacks creativity. Story telling is a lost art. So, I say fuck it, and aspire to be one of the few travelers that can actually write good… haha jk well. :) Sadly, I refuse to take jump shots in front of iconic places, I hang out in the snow a lot and look terrible in a bikini, so no one wants to follow me :(

Also, we get it, you’re old. Thanks for sharing!

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