Government’s — A Rant

What is a Government?

An imaginary set up of institutions set up in cordiality with each other forming a society united by a common interest. These institutions are very loosely connected but function very effectively.

What institutions?

The Judiciary, Culture, the People & the Defense Force. The strongest presence of politics internally always create’s a stronger institution which eventually end up calling the shots of the Government.

Who are those guys who Govern me?

One among you. really, you are governed by guys similar to you. Only Human Being’s have the superior ability to create disruptive Government’s and still be cheerful about it. You can govern yourself provided a majority of remotely related people vote for you. yes, go find that out.

Why I want this person to Govern me?

Wait a minute?, you thought your opinion matters?. Actually, it does. Try it once. vote for your favorite person and see them win it out. Your opinion matter’s. And it is for your own to defend and not let anybody influence it.

Why should I be Governed?

You are not the first fanatic of this idea.

Historically, great civilizations existed. That means those are also failed civilizations because it doesn't exist now. *Where am i going with this*. Historically, time and again civilizations void of governance have been wiped out and at most times being seen as a weakness.*Shit, Absolute Shit*

A mere simple answer is, Humans are a menace for themselves if left ungoverned.


A direct meaning for the word “Hypocricy”, An neo-human emotion only for the civilized lot. A human who has sustained and learnt to enjoy the beauties of hypocrisy is the kind of person who will understand and support democracy. For others, don’t even.