Wandering Bellies: Who, What and Why


Two persons.

Daniel and Dennish. D Squared. D&D. #DanNish. Whatever.

For the past 7 years of dating, these two have been exploring cafes, food hubs, burger joints and the likes, from the cheapest to those which aren’t worth the price. They have decided to compile all their food adventures and put them online. And here it is, their first baby — Wandering Bellies.


Wandering Bellies (WB) is a blog about food of all sorts — quick bites, restaurants, cafes, buffet, you name it. WB vows to give its readers the most sincere and honest reviews, from the food to the service as well as the environment.


They want to show the world — the universe rather that they are confidently fat and hungry with a heart. Char. They are bored. And they want to do something productive out of their favorite activity together — eating.

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