everybody knows

The “little eggs” keep rolling out, like I’m “orming” my way trough,

with another Leonard Cohen tribute, this time around the song: “everybody knows”.

I can’t really explain what is happening, these things just keep on rolling out of me like I just has to release it from my chest.

I wish it would make me feel better. I feel somewhat relieved, but that does not change climate change, and the disturbing messages keep on floating in.

Water scarcity in Rome, India, …more and more racial and other violence in the news, like mankind is slowly losing it’s cohesion, it’s integrity,

Just what I’m afraid of.

I can go on and on,

and I wish I could say that things will improve …

I keep on praying towards the spaghetti monster that it’s just a temporary personal state of mind …

Like I did the last decade really, fooled to be fooled around …to stick your head back into the sand.

It wont, my gut is telling me,

and my cv is at the titanic music band.

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