Branding Memoirs: Wandering to the Jaunt

Rebranding WanderJaunt is no walk in the park — pun intended on all levels. No small task, a rebrand must have a strong foundation in order to create a compelling story for your company. Why is story important — because people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it.

What helps tell your story — a brand book! This document stores the guidelines for all aspects of a company’s physical presence including tone, voice, typography, colors, and UX/UI systems. The brand books verbally lays out the company culture and acts as guiding principles for the physical and verbal manifestation of the brand. Think of it as a recipe for a harmonious, sensory-stimulating, multi-course meal. Scaling without it would engender inconsistencies in how we present ourselves to the world and in turn, run a damper on any authenticity or trust we try to create.

Challenge #1: Who are we and what exactly do we do?

My first week at the company was spent in field-research mode. Getting to know my coworkers, observing their day-to-day tasks, and visiting our WanderJaunts gave me a clearer picture of the stakeholder’s I’d be designing for. My main objective for this immersive process was to learn about the company, the culture, and formulate a persona for our brand.

Some things I asked my coworkers:

  • Describe WJ in 3 words as if it was a person
  • Come up with a musician, writer, a fashion designer, and an athlete who can relate to WanderJaunt’s journey
  • What do you think WanderJaunt smells like?

By the end of my first week, I had the beginnings of our brand book that spelled out our mission, vision, persona, voice, tone, color use, and typography. I plan to update this “living document” as the brand takes shape and using it as a vital tool in guiding the logo, web, and marketing collateral design. Catch up with me next week to see how the logo design went!