Wanderlust: becoming a digital nomad

Here is the thing. I just don’t feel happy anymore. I feel I can do more and there is a worm inside my head that keeps telling me to change things. It is about time to do that. Feeling alive is what I need now.

From time to time I get the feeling that I don’t belong here and that I need to travel. Often. More often. All the time. Yeah. Having a 9–5 cubicle job is not my kind of thing. Not anymore. Feeling the same way?

So, last night when we put a baby to sleep I said to him: I am not happy. This is not me. We need to change our life. I want to be a digital nomad. I want to have my own business (ours better said), doing the things I love — writing, and most important — I want to travel. Doing all of that with a 1 year old kid is not something a lot of you would dare to do, but I just feel that that is the only right choice.

He said: “OK, I understand. Let’s do it. I want the same thing!”

Now I just need to figure out what I can actually do online so that we make things happen. Suggestions?

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